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Bulk Storage Building Solutions was founded in 2011 by Adam J. Mueller in response to the growing demand for Design/Build construction services in the Agricultural Retail and Highway Maintenance industries. The three primary commodity storage specialties are Dry Fertilizer storage, Grain storage, and Road De-icing Salt storage.

Leading up to our inception, the founder had extensive other experiences with commercial construction projects and initiatives utilizing Pre-Engineered building systems as well as concrete systems. Over several years of effort and observation it became clear that the market needed more “turn-key” construction service providers which prompted the creation of Bulk Storage Building Solutions.

Our Business Today

Bulk Storage Building Solutions has completed numerous projects in 15 states (at present) ranging from the Rocky Mountains to Maine and the Smoky Mountains back to Colorado (and in nearly every state in between). Our organization has also served as a Specialty Consultant to other contractors scattered throughout the US.

At Bulk Storage Building Solutions we lead our clients through the process of fully understanding their storage needs and advising them on optimal ways to accommodate their needs. We also provide the construction services to execute the project from inception through fulfillment (through both self-performed work as well as the use of other sub-contractors at times).

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